Hey there, I’m glad you’re here!
I'm Hannah. I'm a mom of three. I love the carefree attitude of moccasins. They capture the wild spirit of little one's and their drive for adventure.
Moccasins are the perfect shoe for cuddlers & walkers. These soft soled shoes are excellent for little one's who are learning to walk. They allow their toes to grip and feel the floor, strengthening their growing foot muscles.
Plus, Wild Explorer’s moccasins are not only functional, but they are wildly cute!
I provide premium baby moccasins that are made with the highest quality of leather and craftsmanship, yet affordable! Wild Explorer moccasins are proudly made in the USA.
I love doing giveaways & sales, so follow @wildexplorers on Instagram & Facebook for the latest happenings! I take great care in making each pair of moccasins, I would LOVE to see them on your babes!  Tag your WILD ones  — #WILDEXPLORERS